Saturday, June 11, 2005

About me

I hate writing bios. Who cares if I like music and gardening? We're not going to date, we're just going to share ideas.

If you haven't figured out that I'm a little left of center, you will as soon as you read The Blue Voice. If I hadn't been born gay, I might have ended up just like any other American, by now I would have a few children, my main concern would be keeping them out of trouble, and worrying about how to afford their education. But my life has taken a different path, we are not all born activists, some of us would rather be peacemakers, but growing up gay in America sets you apart from the rest of the country, and even sometimes members of your own family. I have been through what every other member of my community has lived through, the Aids crisis of the 80's and 90's, the struggle for equal rights, the hatred and violence of my fellow citizens.

For the past several years I have put aside my work for the gay community, I feel that we have many issues that are more pressing. I'm already married, to my partner of 13 years, and it doesn't really matter to me what the state thinks about it, if they leave me to pursue my own happiness, then I don't really care what anyone thinks about it. I'm more concerned with the environmental threats to our planet. I live in Washington DC, and you only need to drive by the Capitol to know that something's wrong. We live behind cement barricades. Helicopters fly so low that it sounds as if they might land on the roof. Evacuations happen so often, no one takes them seriously anymore. We have decided that war is the only option, and having spread the seeds of war, we now wait behind steel and concrete for our offspring to come home.

Don't worry, I am packed and ready to fly when the s**t hits the fan.


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Ahhh... Now I know what you look like so if I'm ever in the DC area I'll know ya if I see ya!! Love that smile girl!! That's money in the bank!! You should put this piccie into your profile!! The world needs more beauty!! :)

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