Saturday, June 11, 2005

Smelling Like A Rose

I’m having a weekend. I know it’s Thursday, and you can’t have a weekend in the middle of the week, but when you run a business that’s open seven days a week, you rarely get two days off in a row, so when you do, it’s like a mini vacation. There are some advantages to being off in the middle of the week. I can get in and out of the dry cleaners in less than ten minutes. There are not so many bicycles on the street. I’m all for sharing the road, but when some D-head on a bike pulls into the middle of the lane ahead of me going 5 mph, I feel like running his ass over. Buying shoes on a Wednesday is much easier than buying them on a Saturday. On Saturday there are at least 15 women in the shoe department waiting for the two salespeople that are willing to work weekends. You can see the sweat beads on their faces as they race to and from with stacks pf shoe boxes. When they stop momentarily at least ten women start shouting and waving, “I need this in a size seven! TAUPE or Charcoal Black!” The last time I shopped for shoes on a Saturday I was politely waiting my turn when some skinny bitch tried to shove in front of me. Unfortunately for the skinny bitch, I don’t move so easily. She tried a second time, and I gave her a Tank Gurl hip check that sent her all the way to the cash register. Hey, I’m a size ten; I don’t take any shit from size 4’s.

I should be in a better mood because of my weekend, but I’m not. The day started out just fine, I walked up to the Corner Bakery and bought a couple of newspapers and a large Americano and sat outside (where there were plenty of extra tables). I bought a New York Times, and The Guardian, because you can’t really trust the American News Media to give you the full story. The lead story today in both papers is of course the Tony Blair visit. What’s interesting about this visit is that it’s the first time that both of them publicly commented on the Downing Street Memo. Both declared the memo to be false, and of course we believe them.

End of story. Right?

Pretty much. You can bet your house that there won’t be any independent investigation. We know the facts. The facts haven’t changed since 2002, so we already know what happened. There’s nothing we can do about it. The time for acting was 2004, that time has passed. We can now enjoy the sight of victorious newly elected leaders of the free world tell bold faced lies to the rest of the world and there isn’t jack we can do about it. No Independent Counsel, no internal investigation that we can trust, no reason why we shouldn’t risk the lives of American service people just because we feel like it. For reasons unknown to even the parents and spouses of these dead Americans, we went to war. For reasons that have now been proven unfounded, our soldiers died. I wish that Tony Blair and George Bush would stand up like real leaders and tell the families of these fallen servicemen just why they have died.

Does it have three letters and begin with an O?


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Gahhh! Now I have to change my links and stuff. *sigh*

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Love the new look!

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hey darlin'! mighty cute picture on the previous entry. you gotta tell me how to do the picture thing here at blogspot. anyway, i left you a comment to this entry back on the sad old aol journal. one more day! and the blueblog is gonna FLY!

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