Sunday, October 09, 2005

Food For The Soul

As one who continues to search for spirituality, I find a lot of comfort in the things of the body, rather than the things of the soul. Maybe that's my problem. My thinking is, "If it Tastes Good, Eat It", and I seldom worry about fat grams until the dessert is already winding it's way through my digestive system.

This dessert is only available in one restaurant in Florence. It's called Panna Cotta. You can find variations in just about every restaurant in Tuscany, but to experience the mouth watering Divine sensation of Panna Cotta at it's supreme excellence, you have to go to I'Toscono on Via Guelfa in Florence. There is no other dessert like it.

And the waitresses are totally hot.


Blogger Elisha Cuthbert said...

I was browsing and found your blog. I am pretty new to blogging but I am working on blog for Elisha Ann Cuthbert. It should be pretty cool when it is finished. Keep blogging!

9:39 PM  
Blogger TV Junkie said...

Wow. That dessert looks fantastic. That quite possibly could be worth the round trip airfare alone. ;-)

Glad you're back safely.


6:58 AM  
Blogger Gerrit Bosman said...

Eating is a very spiritual thing to do. When you eat, you take parts of the world that surrounds you and let them live through you, in your body. They become you.This part of the world looks very good, I would like to have a spiritual collision with this cotta.

Would like to meet those waitresses also...

9:41 AM  

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